Site Flip Newbie
  • Hello,

    I've never flipped a website, in fact I was never successful in creating a long term website but I've always been interested in web design and when creating sites and using templates for them there was not a single site that I would not modify the design for. After all, the design of a website is a big value changing factor. I'm still quite new to the IM scene but I'm a quick learner and I'm looking forward to flip some sites, learn from the masters and most importantly share the knowledge gained.

    There's probably more to write about but who's going to read a 5 page introduction. :P
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  • Welcome and I hope you learn lots and share just as much. If you have any questions I urge you to use Google first. If you can't find your answer, ask us.

  • Hey Shade,

    Welcome aboard!

    Nothing wrong with being new to flipping - given that you're eager to learn, I'm sure you'll find enough information over here to rise to the top in no time.

    Also - design is an interesting an often overlooked aspect of flipping. Many flippers treat design as if it wasn't important at all, not realising that those new to the business often make up their mind on whether to buy a particular site or not based on how good the site looks.

    Once again, welcome and I hope you'll enjoy it here!
  • Hey Shade! Nice to get to know you!

    And don´t worry.. your not the only person here that is "new" to site flipping! I´m also new to this topic.
  • It's nice to meet you all. It's good to know that I'm not the only "new" one to site flipping here. :P