Importance of customer care
  • Hey all,
    Hopefully it is obvious for us all :shy: but I am still amazed what you can do when
    - you have taking care of all your customers
    - treated your $5 customer as you do with your $900 buyer

    I am thinking aftersales :cool:

    Right now this is my biggest asset - to sell to your old mates at your own flip list!
    No sales copies, no Flippa fees, no waiting.
    Did I say goldmine? :)

    Take care of your customers - is it well worth the tiny investment!

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  • Definitely the way to go Patrik.

    I actually sold a site for $350 once and since then the client has been worth XX,XXX to me. Really important to consider the lifetime value of the client and also not to assume that because someone paid XXX for a site that they don't have a large budget.

  • Helping your customers (even if it is not obligatory) also gives you a feeling that you did your job fine and people will ask for your services again.