• How does adult site flipping work? Is it just as profitable or not really worth the hassle? The reason I'm asking is because around 2 years ago or something like that I've actually bought a nice adult domain which I haven't set up until around the end of January this year. I've spent a lot of time creating and designing it and currently it's just sitting there doing nothing...

    I'm not sure if this is allowed, if not please do remove this but I just wanted to give an insight of what the site actually looks like. It's a video site, powered by WordPress. It uses the FreeWPTube Theme "freewptube.com" which has been "design wise" modified to suite my likes. The site is "yournudeblog.com".
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  • Has the site got any traffic?

    As for flipping adult sites, unfortunately it's a lot harder compared to 'clean' sites as none of the well-known marketplaces allow adult content.

    Basically, you have two options: you can either sell it offline (advertise through classifieds etc.) or alternatively join an adult webmaster community, get involved, make acquaintances and then flip it through your newly-made contacts.

    Some resources you might find useful:


  • Just had a chat with meathead about these ones, and yeah, they're generally harder to sell,
    but it's very easy to get large quantities of traffic to them... I have some ideas about how I
    would automatize that part (traffic & monetization template), I'll just have to research the
    selling part. :)
  • Hmm actually I have thought about stepping into the adult niche.

    I already have some of the scripts they use :)
  • Well the traffic is actually very very low but no promotion what so ever has been done on the site at all. According to StatPress the site seems to be getting an average of 10+ search engine visitors a day with the current month being 150+ which in my opinion is not too bad for a site that has not been indexed until around March and has never been promoted. The traffic comes both through Google and Yahoo but the main source is Yahoo for the "nude blog" keyword. I think I'm just going to let this die, it's not really worth my time. Thanks for the input.
  • If you rethink and keeping it, a nice resource http://www.gfy.com/ !