Amature Website Seller...Soon to a Professional has Land on this Forum..So Beware !!
  • Hey guys,

    This Sam here, just to
    introduce myself. I joined this forum after I purchased KFS: 7 Days to
    Profit. I'm not new to this business model but, I should be honest I have
    a lot to learn about this business model and I'm looking forward to that.
    Still an Amature but soon to be a Professional !! One thing that
    attracted me to this Website Selling business is that, I will be able to
    use this as a funnel to inject cash into other business I have.


    God Bless.
  • Welcome aboard! You can now access the special "7 Days To Profit" downloads by clicking on the new category to the left or clicking here Don't forget to email or skype me to get the list of criteria buyers are looking for. If you have trouble accessing, you may need to clear your cookies for our site or try a different browser.
  • Hi Chris,
    I been trying to click the link above but an error is coming saying, " Sorry, no account could be found related to the email/username and password you entered." pls look in to this.

    thank you,


  • Hi Sam,

    Did you try clearing your cookies or using a different browser and logging in from Hopefully that fixes it, but I'll send you an email with an attachment.