Pure organics.
  • So I've been getting pretty close to my first serious sale on a couple of accounts.. I wanted to ask a question about my latest 'almost' purchase.

    It passed pretty much all of my checks. I've made my own massive DD checklist that's about 8 pages long, and for a less than 5K website, it shaped up pretty well. To me though, it had one glaring weakness..

    -Traffic was EXCLUSIVLY organic

    Like, basically nothing linking in. No backlinks, social media, mailing list. A few pretty little google key phrases in cute niche's accounted for literally all of the traffic (of which there was a reasonable amout).

    I read up some more on this and though I was very close to purchasing, However in the end I read enough articles about google algorithm changes to eventually scare me off the sale. It was a small food niche priced at around 10x monthly.

    What are you guys thought on websites that generate traffic exclusivly from google? Are they considered very high risk?

    Thanks all
  • If they are not authorities in their niche and have questionable content, yes, very high risk. If you're buying a site that relies heavily on organic search, focus your DD on:

    1.) Content quality assessment.
    2.) Backlink quality assessment.
    3.) Keyword diversification assessment.
  • Thanks mate. I'm finding a vast majority of the sites under 5K have this issue. The more i learn about DD the more I find it hard to find anything of quality down there.
  • It can be tough. It's a balancing act. My perspective is that if you adjust your valuations for risk and always have a backup plan (i.e. paid traffic) post sale, those sub 5k sites can still be good deals.