New website flipper here.
  • Hi guys! I'm new here. I wandered in a while ago from the War Room I think it was that had a post inviting some people to come here and learn website flipping. I came as soon as I saw the post of course!

    One little problem, I got an email talking about a website giveaway, saying that I could still enter until tonight, which is still like 18 hours away as of this post. I started to make my entry, but the submission forum seems to be closed and it won't let me post, even though it is not yet Sunday night. I would really like to win the website, and I have a good idea how to fix it up for sale!

    I have done a few flips already on my own, making a few hundred dollars most of the time. But I very much want to learn more, and get better, so this seems to be the place to be.
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  • I think you have to be a VIP member, not sure, but welcome anyway!
  • Nope, don't have to be VIP for that.

    @Jay9999: I have PMed you yesterday. While submissions are officially closed I'll make an exception and accept yours if it comes in within the next 1.5hrs.