Selling domains on Flippa
  • Hi,

    I was wondering if anybody has experience in selling domains on

    I've just purchased a few interesting domain names and I want to try and sell them over there.

    I suppose it's the same deal as with selling a site, only that there's no need for a long copy and proof.

    Any advice? Is there maybe a better way/place to sell domain names?

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  • I've used in the past. There is also
  • While it's indeed possible to sell domains on Flippa, your best bet would probably be lookiing towards marketplaces that are more domain-oriented. A few examples are Sedo and as Chris mentioned. There's also Afternic, as well as reseller marketplaces/forums such as and

    The reason for this is that the average Flippa buyer is looking for a complete solution, so to speak, and thus doesn't see the value in domains that don't come with a website.

    That said, in the domain industry you need to have a lot of patience. Sales usually don't happen quickly and it may take months (or years in some cases) for the right buyer to come along.

    If you want a quick sale and are looking for decent money then one option is approaching potential clients (businesses) directly.
  • I've tried selling domains on before, however I never noticed any kind of activity over there. Although I have several domains listed, none of them show any visits, let alone bids.

    There also are other places like DP, Namepros etc. but over there the prices are really low. You can't expect to make more than a few dollar of profit usually.

    On the other hand, on Flippa I think there might be people who are not really into domaining and would be willing to pay more compared to people with more experience. Moreover, after listing one of my domains over there it quickly gained 17 views and 2 people watching the auction. So I can definitely see more action as compared to sedo. The only disadvantage are the listing fees.
  • Have you considered building out a site on the domains using the techniques in KFS? If done right, you might get more money selling on Flippa rather than a domain marketplace.