• Hi,

    I dont know why, i have paid for flippingsecrets normally. Now i have received in my paypal account about 200$ and my paypal pay to flipping network 197$!! I dont know why and i dont want to know why, i want a refound! Im not using any service that you have to flipping network can get money from me. That money its very important to me, i have things to pay here and i dont want to spend it. Please, refound me.
    Thank you
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  • I suppose you underwent $1 coaching for 3 days, It was clearly written in the mail that it is $1 for the first three days and you would be charged $197 after that for being a coaching student. Please check if you still have access to Private Coaching Room.If you do then you are billed for it. I dunno if they'll refund it but shoot a PM to either Thomas or Bryan. They usually respond quickly.
  • Is this coaching thing a seperate forum.

    As fr the "refound" guy aint gonna happen in my opnion. The printis there to read so read next time.
  • Do you think that i do not read? I know all of this, but its suposed to charge my card and no my Paypal account! I though that cant get money from my paypal account! Please, give me back. thank you
  • Paypal will always take from your balance before your card. It's a known thing with paypal. I have come to like it this way.
  • Have you emailed Thomas and/or Bryon? If not you should not have posted this.Both are, in my experience, stand up guys.
  • Yeah contact them first. I seriously suggest you that.
  • Oh yes ok, i will do that, sorry about that ;)
  • aeLED,

    This was refunded before you even contacted us, despite the fact you signed up to the $1 trial for coaching, hence we had no obligation to do so. In future, please contact us directly before posting threads, we would never "take money" from any members and we are very fair and up front with members, and have been since we launched.

  • Yes Thomas, sorry about that stupid thread. You guys are very good persons ;)
  • No problem. Thread closed.
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