My first site sold, Thanks guys!!!
  • So I bought a seo PR3 website for 70$

    and you can see the results here ... 40-a-Month

    I was nervous at first, but damn, it actually works :]
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  • Congrats!
  • congrats. Its making me want to push a site again now. I think is getting developed tonight!!
  • Great job! For everyone's benefit, where did you buy and about how long did you spend on this flip?
  • Good question Chris
  • I bought it on DP and didn't really spend anytime on it but listing it on flippa and monetizing it
    all in all i spent probably 3 hours
  • Congrats Sonokai!
    I'm still on the process of searching for sites to buy on DP. Just taking it slow...
    Hope to have my first successful flip soon :)
  • Guys one thing I would say is rather than going through DP trying to find a site. Start by creating your own from scratch. You will learn alot for when you start looking for sites to flip.
  • Yeah but the domain won't be aged, and you'd have to wait months
  • I actually dont thing domain age is key for short flips anyway. I sold a site for $150 that was a month old. That was a quick flip with no work done to it at all.