• I'm a writer by profession and became interested in IM and site flipping about a year ago. Had some sitebuilding skills but have acquired a ton of others and am particularly adept at SEO. I've made some money online and earned just shy of $600 for my first (and only!) flip a few months back. Since then have been killing myself slaving over a new book project, juggling IM with mothering and hanging out occasionally on BHW.

    Really enjoyed that first flip and now want to learn as much as I can to make many more. Good to be here!
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  • Welcome Amanda. Grats on the first flip and you've found the right place to learn everything you need to know!
  • Hey! Nice to see another person from London! Welcome
  • Thanks and good to be here - you never know, we might end up forming a London flip mastermind group (any excuse for a cofffee/drink!)
  • I thinks thats an amazing idea! I do love a coffee i have to say.
  • Count me in for that coffee/pint :)
  • well If we are going to, I have to say that Im free a lot now. Any times and dates is fine with me :D
  • Quick suggestion guys:

    Why not try and open a new thread in the main area and arrange something.

    I ran a quick database report and it seems we've got 7 Londoners over here. While I'm not based in London myself, I do visit quite often and would definitely join you, given that the dates are ok. I'm sure Thomas would as well.

  • I live in Peru but am in London sometimes.... Next time towards the end of July for a few days. Would love to join in the pint drinking! I miss Bitter out here!
  • OK - will set up that thread. See you in there!
  • I don't do coffee but I'm sure I could be persuaded to go for a pint :)
  • Caffeine...alcohol...two of my favourite poisons!
  • Hi Amanda and co Londoners, great to meet you all here
  • Hi rom - whereabouts are you in London? We haven't yet managed that meet up but you never know!
  • hello Amanda,
    I actually just move to Reading, but never the less I would never say it as London is my reason to be in the UK, I lived north as well as south London, and I usually hang around Clapham and Brixton, very cool places to my opinion, I also go often to Camden, so if you're in any of those places let me know and we should meet up for some mastermind and brainstorm sessions..

    Look forward to it
    Take care mate