• Hello,
    I'm Jon from Melbourne, Australia.
    Really pleased to be part of the MM Group and looking fwd to learning and sharing as much as I can.

    My major interest is developing w/sites for monetizing as income streams, plus onselling those and others for capital profits.

    Currently, I have a number of w/sites under development and will add to those by buying sites on flippa and elsewhere, adding value to them and offering them for sale, all within the guidelines provided by Chris, David and my colleagues in this group.

    I also register, buy and sell domain names, plus have long experience as a writer, editor and translator. I specialize in rewriting w/site content and am about to launch into web site auditing also.

    My aims are : adding value, income, capital profits, help and support.

    Talk soon, Best, Jon
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  • Welcome Jon :)
  • Jon,

    I'm very excited to hear more about your website auditing. I think it would be great if we could all come together to develop a system for auditing sites (both before and after buying) that will help us uncover hidden profits.

    I see huge potential in increasing revenue in sites because a $100/month increase in revenue translates to $1200 to $2400 in value you can get when you sell.