Newbie at Website Flipping But Willing To Learn
  • Hi there everyone,

    I'm based in NJ and have been in online marketing for a number of years. My expertise is in paid traffic and lead generation. I'm looking to reinvest some of my profits to acquire sites with potential to flip. I have bought sites before ranging from $50 to $2000 but have not sold them. A number of years ago, my purpose for purchasing those sites was to monetize them with AdSense, affiliate marketing and text links. These days I'm primarily involved in CPA lead gen.

    I'm looking forward to learning from Chris and David and everyone else here.

    - Hock
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  • Hock,

    Welcome! It's great to hear about some of your experience. CPA can be a great strategy to monetize sites so I hope you'll share some of your knowledge with everyone in the group. You might have a good opportunity to build or buy sites and quickly monetize them with CPA then turn around and flip them.
  • Hi Chris,

    My biggest issue with buying existing sites is the time it takes to do the due diligence. Do you have any advice on this?
  • I understand that concern. The key is to develop your own checklist that is the fastest possible to get you comfortable. If time is an issue, hire the work out. If I want to get really comfortable with what a seller is saying, I'll do the following.

    1.) I'll have them walk me through the site and all revenue accounts via a web meeting making sure that they are showing me the real sites. For instance, you'll want to make sure an adsense account has the little "blue" or "green" bar at the top.
    2.) I'll have them upload some file that I've named to the website. For instance, "chris-verify.txt". This allows me to know they are in control of the site's hosting.
    3.) I'll send an email to the whois record on the domain and ask them to reply to it. This allows me to verify they own the domain.

    You may also want to take a look at this section of the forum ... php?fid=32

    We'll also be having a specific mastermind call on this in the next few months.