[Technique] Link Push
  • Hey guys,

    I was in the 2nd webinar and I promised I'd explain the link push, so here we go.

    The link push is basically an easy way to get your sites to rank high in google, using articles, comments and forum posts to link back to your site. Where other SEOs are doing link wheels (http://www.linkwheel.co.uk/_images/link-wheel1.jpg) I prefer taking out the interlinks and just using link juice (http://thekeywordacademy.com/link-juice-explained) to make massive systems with extremely strong links.
    Confusing? Good, I'll explain with images.

    Here's the main image for the simplest link push I could design for you guys:

    As you can see I have web 2.0 profiles linking to high quality articles linking to other high quality articles linking to my main site. Google sees those web 2.0 profiles linking to the articles and they give the article 'link juice'. These articles link to other articles which link to your main site and that pushes 'link juice' to your main site. This means that your initial articles are getting much more SEO power than they would without those links. You can make your link wheels as big as you want. The more links, the more power.

    So why are linkwheels not stronger?

    Google is becoming better and better at taking down blackhat SEO. They've recently found a way to take power out of these linkwheels and we need to make a new system, this is that system.

    Alright, this was just a quick post on making link pushes, I'm kinda working and listening to the webinar at the same time so if I missed anything, please ask!

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  • Great post mate:) Any techniques to get indexed in google fast?
  • I already have a post about that on paper, will throw that online tonight!
  • I created a site to flip it soon. Having trouble getting indexed with big G :(
  • Done mate
  • Great info thanks for following up on that!