• Hey guys...

    My name is Danny and I just got the Killer Flipping course. Never did any kind of flipping before but it seems like a nice way to add to the bottom line and get rid of some older sites that I have.

    I've been online full time for about 4 years now doing CPA offers.

    I look forward to sharing ideas with you all.
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  • Hi Danny,

    Welcome to the forums. Hope you've enjoyed what you've read so far. Flipping is certainly a good way to subsidise your current income and build off any previous experience you may have.

  • Hi Danny,

    Nice to meet you =)

  • hey guys...thanks for the welcomes.

    I'm already digging through the buyers sites to try and find my first flip.

    I'm getting tempted but I'm trying to buy only at the right price.

    We'll see.
  • Welcome :-)