I got that G Thang Flipped Baby!
  • Ok I finally got yaris-performance.com sold. I got it for like $40 at the time I thought was A good buy because it was my first but soon realized I wish I could of got something else. So I put that G thang on flippa and It sold for $75 thats not bad considering I used the voucher. I'll just learn from this experience and keep it pushing now that I know how it all works I'll be sure to do whole lot better on my next flip. But for the most part easiest money now i see. Watch out you guys I see big buy lambos pulling out real soon = )
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  • Great job. I believe the first one is the toughest. Keep it rolling and scale it up!
  • Perfect. As Chris said getting through the first one is the toughest. One thing that will be consistent though, you'll never stop learning. Each deal brings new experiences