• Ok you guys I know I have been gone for a while that because life calls you know but the kid is back. In that amount of time I studied the hell out of flippa auctions and noticed something time and time again; many listings should really focus on their copy. I see many listings looking like ebay auction listings and nothing like sale page. Not saying making it a sales page but isn't that what we are doing, Selling a website?

    I feel us as website flippers should turn off webmaster mode and turn on IM mode when we approach our listing. It's our job to really hit home and sell the fine points of our site to our potential buyers. It is more to just say this is cool and you will make money. You should really sell the benefits to them, why is this site so cool, why is it it a good fit for your portfolio, how can it this site help your business. We need to really get a strong understanding of copywriting and apply it to our auctions. Like Chris said in the course your auction copy is very important if the most when it comes to flippa. I suggest a small ecourse ont he topic will help us all out.
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  • Great point here. There are tons of great copywriting courses out there that can teach you how to write copy that sells. You're exactly right, instead of writing to sell a widget, you're writing to sell a website. One I always recommend as a must read is the book "Tested Advertising Methods".