Transferring Domain & Site
  • Hi,

    Apologies for this being so basic. Is there a white paper showing the process of transferring domains and hosting after you have purchased a new site?

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  • Hi Benjamin,

    Here are a couple of links:

    Youtube also has a number of videos on the subject.

    Other things you can look up, if you're curious:

    If you want to find out who the registrar is for the current owner, you can look up their website name using a whois search.

    If you want to know who is currently hosting their site, you can look it up here:
  • Benjamin,

    We didn't include the instructions in our course because there are so many free sources like youtube that show how to do it. However, if you get stuck after looking over some of those, don't forget to ask here.

  • On this topic of transferring the domain, I thought that you cant transfer a domain more than one time in 3 months? I think I read this last time I sold on Godaddy, anyway is this the case, if so how do we quick flip?
  • Every registrar has different policies regarding waiting periods on pushes and transfers. Generally if you push a domain to an account, you'll have to wait 60 days before it can be transferred. Also a push (changing accounts in same registrar) is different than a transfer (moving to another registrar). I'd recommend contacting the registrar you plan to work with to find out their specific policies.

    If this is a concern, one way around this is to create an account on the registrar that's specific to that site and just give the buyer that account.