Winning bidder gets cold feet
  • My first auction ended yesterday and I sent a pm immediately to the winner and had all the site files all ready to go.

    No word from the buyer for a couple of hours and then he posts a message in the discussion area saying: this domain shows being registered last month, how can it have pr 5 already. And "Kind of sounds suspicious." he says.

    Hmm, seems like the time to resolve this question was before placing a bid rather than after, but I answered that the domain had a new registrar on that date and the actual date the domain began can be found here, blah blah...

    And that's the last I've heard from him. One message expressing doubts and nothing more.

    I did not follow the advice you give here to ask for a deposit before accepting his bid, even though he is a new flippa member with no feedback and now I see the wisdom in that advice!

    Another strange thing is that this member only joined flippa a couple weeks ago but currently he has a 30-day auction running that has reserve met, bids over $800, and a bin price over $70K!

    Surely he understands that if I give bad feedback now, it will show on that auction and potentially lose him thousands of dollars?!?

    He still has a couple days to pay so maybe I shouldn't worry. I guess I don't really have a question, just wonder what's your take on the situation and any suggestions (besides DUH: get a deposit for new members with no feedback!)
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  • Update: Now it's a day later and I get this message: "I am still very concerned about the domain. I have seen this happen before. It will lose its pagerank once I purchase it."

    Grrr. I sent a polite message saying, yea whatever but the flippa rules say you gotta buy it if you're the winning bidder. No answer yet...
  • Try to keep communication open and work something out that you're both satisfied with.
    It's possible that he could pay for the site and give you negative feedback too.
  • This guy has been a royal pain. Had to quote the flippa tos twice to get him to pay, which he finally did.
  • Good to know that you got paid, hopefully he won't leave a negative feedback.
  • I got paid but not in full- he didn't pay the success fee even though the auction states that the buyer will pay it.

    I'm still not decided about whether to give some bad feedback or just let it slide.

    My feedback:
    -Didn't pay the full amount.
    -Slow and minimal communication.
    -High maintenance.
    -Needs to read the Flippa TOS; doesn't understand that a bid is legally binding.

    Here's another gem from our communication, two days after the auction is over: "What type of recourse do I have if it loses pagerank? and 8,000,000 is not a good alexa rating."
  • I'd suggest waiting to give feedback until and only if he leaves feedback on you.

    Unless you misrepresented the domain in the auction, I wouldn't recommend giving any options for recourse since it's really a "buyer beware" situation. However, what I'd recommend doing is pulling together some good quality content on the best ways to limit the risk that the site will lose its PR and sending it over to them.
  • Yes a domian may have a PR now but once you transfer the domain it can lose PR. You would need to add some content to the site keep from losing your PR. I have seen this happen and many have been burned on flippa due to this. In the end it just helps you as your buyer will love you for it.