Newbie wanting to Buy a Site. Help!
  • Hello All,

    I am new to Flippa and to Buying/Selling websites. I found a website that is for sale that seems a good deal. I would love some feedback on this site to see if it is actually the "real deal". It has a 6 figure price tag, and I cannot afford to make a mistake...

    Does anyone have a "Sellers Check List" of what one should ask when buying a site?

    Any comments at all for a newbie?

    Thank you!

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    Before I answer this one, can you confirm you've read all of KFS and the bonus checklists in the forum?
  • chrismyates

    I do not possess KFS as I became a member through BASW site. Am I able to access KFS someplace?

    I was not aware of bonus checklists and will have a look around the forum.

    Any help, or pointing me in the right direction woudl b much appreciated!

    Thanks, Chris
  • Hi Nirvs,

    Here's a link ... php?fid=31 let me know if these are helpful to answer your question. There are also some additional checklists in the BASW course.