The Majority of Website Buyers Overpay

 How can we make that claim?  EASY!!!!

After 10 years of being in this industry and having bought and sold millions of dollars in websites we know what works, what doesn’t and what causes normally savvy entrepreneurs to overpay for a website.

Last year we spent 8 months outlining the details of every step and system we use to buy and sell websites in our membership program here on  However, after we listened to many of our members and readers of our newsletter, you wanted more than just a training program.  You were looking for someone to hold your hand through the process.  You wanted a look over our shoulder as we looked for deals for YOU and did the due diligence and valuation of those deals.  Many of you wanted a more custom approach to the business of buying and selling websites.

There were two critical things you wanted:

  • Access to undervalued websites to buy (Deal Flow)
  • Someone to run due diligence and a valuation on sites (Confidence In What You’re Buying)

So Chris and I sat down and put together a solution.  If you want to know…

  • Why people pay too much for websites…
  • How to know if you are paying too much…
  • How to get undervalued sites no one knows about…
  • How to get access to a handful of potential websites to buy without bidding in an auction…

…and you want to have two pros walk you through the process of running a due diligence check and valuation for sites you are looking to buy, along with access to established websites to buy…

then you want to join us for an exclusive one-of-a-kind group we’ve put together just for website buyers.

However, due to the amount of interaction required for the group to work and each participant to get a fair amount of time dedicated to them, we are limiting the group to just 10 people.  The 10 people will be hand selected by Chris and I and must qualify by filling out the form below.

The group isn’t for everyone, but if you have a strong desire to buy websites this year then you should fill out the form to qualify.

In fact, those in the group will get access to our deal flow, prior to our normal buyers list.  That alone is well worth the price of joining.


Here is how you can join us…

  • This is an online training program only for 10 individuals serious about buying websites.
  • There will be three 2-hour training calls done via a private Google hangout.
  • The calls will take place over three weeks.
  • Each call will be recorded for your review.
  • You must qualify to participate in the group.  We are looking for 10 individuals serious about buying websites.  The trainings are only for website buyers.
  • There is a fee to participate in the group.  The fee is reasonably priced and something that will make it affordable to those who qualify.

To qualify, fill out the form below and you’ll receive a response in 2 business days.  At that time you’ll get the pricing and further details.  The first 10 qualifiers who sign up will join us for the group.