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If you are buying websites, selling websites or want to invest in websites as a part time or full time business, you have no doubt heard about  They are the leading marketplace for buying and selling websites.  The inventory of sites is second to none on the web.

As expert and experienced website buyers and sellers, we’ve used for years, in addition to many other options for buying sites.  With the many changes that has added in the last year and a half, we knew it was time to provide some insight on how these changes will impact our industry.

Mastering in 2013 Webinar

Part 1 – Review for 2012

We decided to put together a webinar that looked at three aspects of  First, we look at the changes from Flippa in 2012.  What changes did they make and how will those changes effect the overall marketplace and specifically the buyers and sellers of websites.

Second, we looked at the changes coming up in 2013 for Flippa.  We interviewed the CEO, Dave Slutzkin and asked for his input on what users of the site will see in 2013.  We believe some of the changes are so significant it will change the way we do business in the future.

Third, we discuss the industry as a whole for 2013.  Will Flippa maintain it’s foothold as the #1 player in the market, will there be other competitors popping up, and we discuss what the future of buying sites looks like for full time website buyers like us.

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Part 2 – 2013 Updates

Part 3 – Buying Websites in 2013 Join Now

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