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Here is a list of the powerpoint presentations and a few more things.

Presentations Available in PDF Format

Scott Fritz – 40 Hour Work Year[S3FILE file=’Seminar/40 Hour Presentation.pdf’ anchor=’‘] 

Scott Fritz/David Gass – Where are the Angels/Funding[S3FILE file=’Seminar/WhereAretheAngels.pdf’ anchor=’‘] 

David Gass – Setting Up Your Internet Investment Business[S3FILE file=’Seminar/IIS-Intro.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Chris Yates – Due Diligence Strategies[S3FILE file=’Seminar/DueDiligence1.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Mark Del Guercio – Six Thinking Hats[S3FILE file=’Seminar/SixHats.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Justin Gilchrist – Valuations in Buying Selling[S3FILE file=’Seminar/Valuations in Buying Selling.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Kyle Wakefield – Best Methods for Buying Websites[S3FILE file=’Seminar/Kyle1.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Kyle Wakefield – Negotiating Website Deals[S3FILE file=’Seminar/Kyle2.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

David Gass – Website Buying/Selling Marketplaces[S3FILE file=’Seminar/Marketplaces.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Chris Yates – The Transaction[S3FILE file=’Seminar/thetransaction.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Justin Gilchrist – Strategies for Adding Value to Sites[S3FILE file=’Seminar/Strategies for Adding Value to Sites.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

David Gass – How Penguin/Panda Affect Site Buying & Selling[S3FILE file=’Seminar/Content-Panda.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

David Gass – #1 Source of Free Traffic[S3FILE file=’Seminar/ArticleMarketing-Traffic.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Chris Yates – Traffic Generation Tips[S3FILE file=’Seminar/traffic.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

David Gass – Building a Business to Scale[S3FILE file=’Seminar/SystemsTalk.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Justin Gilchrist – Advanced Monetization Methods[S3FILE file=’Seminar/Advanced Monetisation Strategies for Digital Assets.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Sites for Sale List

Prospectus #1 [S3FILE file=’prospectus/work from home Website Portfolio Prospectus.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Prospectus #2 [S3FILE file=’prospectus/Website Portfolio2 Prospectus.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Prospectus #3 [S3FILE file=’prospectus/set1-penguin-Website Portfolio Prospectus.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

Prospectus #4 [S3FILE file=’prospectus/set2-authority-Website Portfolio Prospectus.pdf’ anchor=’‘]

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