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Deal Analyzer for Buying Websites

How to ‘Look Under the Hood’ on All Websites…

Buy with confidence when you use the ‘Deal Analyzer’.  Know all the key performance indicators, fraud protection techniques and verifiable data for the site you want to buy, before you place an offer. 

Why take the sellers word for granted, when you can verify everything they say and more?  

Deal Analyzer.
Uncover Hidden Land Mines in Potential Acquisitions.

We learned the hard way.  We once bought websites based on what the seller provided us as backup to their claims.  We did check to make sure the claims seemed legitimate, but until we started to use the ‘Deal Analyzer’ tools we were just flying by the seat of our pants, hoping not to get scammed. 

Unfortunately, before access to ‘Deal Analyzer’ we bought a couple sites that didn’t match the seller’s claims.  We even bought sites where we neglected to verify specific data that 99% of buyers don’t verify and as a result lost over $100,000, a rather expensive lesson for us, but a MAJOR benefit to you!

As a result, we created a due diligence checklist that made sure we didn’t make the same mistake or a similar one again.  You’ll get the checklist and a video on how to use it as part of the ‘Deal Analyzer’ 

Also, as a premium member of BuyingandSellingWebsites.com, you’ll learn the one piece of data we didn’t verify that cost us over $100,000 and have access to over 30 verification reports a day showing: 

  • Competitors in Organic Search with # of Common Keywords and Traffic for Each
  • Competitors in Adwords
  • Potential Ad Buyers for the Site You Want to Purchase
  • Potential Ad Sellers for the Site You Want to Purchase
  • Keyword Research
  • And more, using the SEM Rush Pro Reports.

Now, what we can’t do with the ‘Deal Analyzer’ is guarantee that you won’t miss anything ever again with any site you buy, but what we can guarantee is you’ll be way ahead of most website buyers with knowing what to look for, what to avoid and how not to get scammed. 

Sign-up today for access and lower your risk of buying a website that could drop in value the minute you take over just because you didn’t verify the one thing that caused it. 

How to get Access to Deal Analyzer

As a Premium Member you’ll have instant access to Deal Analyzer.  Simply sign-up now and get the checklist that has saved us thousands of dollars in deals we didn’t buy because we found something wrong with the site and much more.

Sign-up now for Premium Membership Access to get started today.