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Buying and Selling Websites Formula

“Who Else Wants a Buying and Selling Website Business?”

The Buying and Selling Websites Formula…

We’ve taken all the steps, systems and processes we’ve used to create our website buying business and created three formulas with mind-maps, video training, documents, spreadsheets and agreements we use everyday and put them all in the Buying and Selling Website Formula.

After spending over three years and hundreds of thousands of dollars buying websites, making mistakes on sites we’ve purchased, having tremendous success with other sites and finding the scams that take buyers’ money, we’ve finally put together all these lessons in the buying and selling website Formula, which is available in the BASW membership.

Get access to the mind maps and all the video training and documents with the Premium Plan. 

The Formula: Dragon, Dolphin, Ant or Whale 

The Buying and Selling Websites Formula is for anyone looking to grow their website buying, selling or investment business. After following just one of the programs outlined in The Formula, you’ll have the exact steps to build your online business!

The problem with most online training programs is they are put together by people not actually making money teaching what they are doing.  Then there is the lack of tactical steps on what to do as well.  Many programs fall short, only to offer you their next course for 5 times more money to get the ‘real secrets’. 

If you are looking for a cheap course to provide a couple “how to tips…” only to find another offer to buy more to get the really good content, you’ll want to leave this site now.   We are not cheap, we don’t have hidden offers to get the ‘real secrets’ and we’re not about fluff content or a bait and switch tactic. 

What you’ll get with access to The Buying and Selling Websites Formula is not just one course on how to make money buying and selling websites, but three full courses with audio and video training programs.

You’ll get the three Mind Map Formulas for the Dolphin, Ant and Dragon.

Are you a Dolphin, Dragon, Ant or Whale?


The Dolphin

Dolphins buy a site with the intent purpose of selling it quickly for a profit.  They earn more from short term sales on the sites they buy.  The Dolphin is similar to the physical real estate flipper (buy, improve and sell). Get the mind map for in the Buying and Selling Websites Formula. 

The Dragon

The Dragon is someone who buys websites with the intention to hold for the cash flow.  Similar to the physical real estate investor who buys properties to rent.  The dragon is focused on building a portfolio of websites to generate large passive income. Get access to the mind map in the Formula for Buying and Selling Websites.

The Ant

Ants build sites and either, sell or hold for cash flow.  However, typically ants will build and sell.  They are in the business of short term gains on sites they sell and are either builders of sites themselves or they outsource it to a team to build.  The mind map for building and selling sites is in the Formula.

The Whale

Using an old Vegas term, The Whale is an investor.  Someone with cash to invest in either the Dolphin, Dragon or Ant.  They are strictly passive investors.

Benefits of Membership

The BASW Premium membership has several benefits, the Buying and Selling Websites Formula being just one, but you can see the value of the Formula is worth the entire membership all by itself.

Access to the Formula gets you…

  • All three training programs.  The three training programs are designed to teach Dolphins, Ants and Dragons how to build their own online business for buying and selling websites.
  • You’ll have over 50 videos and audios with over 10 hours of training for each course.  In addition, new training videos will be added monthly
  • The mind maps of each formula provide a guide to build your online business while viewing and listening to the training. 
  • Last but not least, within the Formula you’ll have access to our “over the shoulder” training videos, where we reveal how we find sites to buy, do the due diligence on those sites and create a valuation.  We don’t hold anything back.  You’ll get all the details of how to use the formula first hand by those that created it.  

The Formula could easily be sold for $2,000 or more on it’s own.  However, with the Premium membership you not only get the Formula, but also the other buying and selling website tools and resources that come with the membership.

How to Get Access to The Formula

The Premium membership area is where you will have all the training videos, templates, agreements and spreadsheets for the Dolphin, Dragon and Ant formulas.