“Are You Qualified to Buy and Sell Websites?”

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The problem with most people website buyers is they think they aren’t qualified or they believe they are over qualified. 

To qualify to buy a website you just need an enough money to buy the site you are looking at acquiring.  That’s about it.  You can outsource everything else that’s required.

On the other hand, some internet experts believe because they know how to run a website and build traffic they are natural website buyers.   This is where they get into trouble.  Thinking you know how to evaluate and determine the value of a website just because you know how to build traffic is not necessarily true.

In both cases, it’s what you know you don’t know and what you don’t know you don’t know that is key.  If you are aware of the things you don’t know how to do, you can always outsource those tasks or get training on how to do them yourself.  However, if you aren’t even aware of what you don’t know, you’ll likely fall into the traps of many scam artists.  This is where Website Buyers Network can help.

Website Buyers Network.
The Online Forum Where Site Buyers Connect.

The Website Buyers Network is a great place to

  • ask the experts questions about buying websites
  • learn what others are doing right now in this industry
  • connect with likeminded individuals
  • find people to outsource tasks to for freelance work
  • find deals and ask questions (even if you think you already know everything)  

Just by reading threads in our Network, you’ll uncover secret strategies and techniques experienced website buyers are using to build their portfolio of sites.

With over 1,400 discussions ranging from

  • where to find websites
  • where to get the best value on a website
  • how to monetize the site after purchase 
  • how to do due diligence on a site to find scams
  • and lots more topics from experts in the field

you won’t want to miss out on this valuable information.

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