More Buying and Selling Website Tips

"Buying Websites"

Here are a few websites, tools, forums and even a mastermind group you can join, all for those interested in making money buying and selling websites.

You should certainly take a look at each of these sites below and bookmark them if you are serious about getting involved or more skilled in this business. Of course you should be joining our membership as well, but at the very least take a look at a few sites below and take some action to start making money today.

Recommended Tools for Buying Websites and Selling Websites

Website Flipping Forum (Now open to the public for select sections)
Buying and Selling Website Mastermind Group
Buying Websites – Blog
Selling Websites – Blog
Building Websites – Blog
Website Flipping Tools
Beginner Strategies for Buying and Selling Sites

Full disclosure. We own all the sites we are promoting above, but needless to say if we are out buying all these sites and are in the business of buying and selling, then you should pay attention to the content. You should even consider joining the mastermind group to work with us (Chris Yates and David Gass).

By David Gass

David Gass is a serial entrepreneur, author and sought after speaker for his expertise in buying and selling websites, business financing and entrepreneurship. David has several programs available for teaching others to make money buying, selling and flipping websites. Find him on Google


  1. That is certainly a lot of links to good info. The fact that you cover all aspects in flipping sites is great! I normally do not find much information or I find more on buying or selling, never the building aspect…. especially in flipping websites.

    Thanks for the links!

    1. I agree that we focus on the buying and selling. We’ll do our best to begin including some building related information in the future.

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