Member Site Reviewed

Site Review Take a look at our in depth look at one of our members sites and what we suggest for him to look at doing to improve the site’s traffic and revenue. Review of Client Website to Add More Value – Step by Step Video starts after 10 seconds

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Internet Investment Summit

Where can you go and learn how to buy, sell and invest in websites from others making money full time right now buying and selling websites? You can search Google for someone to help, and hope they offer a reasonable rate. In addition, you’ll pray they are someone currently making money buying and selling sites.… Continue reading Internet Investment Summit

Sell My Website A Step by Step Guide

3 Easy Steps to Sell Your Website When you search in google for “Sell My Website” there are over 68,800,000 results.  In addition to the natural results you also have a list of paid advertisers who include online market places to buy and sell websites, website brokers and several domain selling sites.  Even with all these… Continue reading Sell My Website A Step by Step Guide

Market Updates being Revised

We had previously been posting weekly updates on websites that sold on The posts were to encourage many of you to get started – buying, selling, building…Anything to get you moving along in the world of buying and selling websites. We are going to break away from the updates for a period of time… Continue reading Market Updates being Revised

Buying and Selling Websites Market Update November 12-25, 2010

I recently got a tip of a great website to purchase just a day before Thanksgiving. I was so excited I walked from an important game of Candy Land with my daughter to hear more about it from a referral source that was letting Chris and I know the details. The deal sounded almost to… Continue reading Buying and Selling Websites Market Update November 12-25, 2010