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BASW Success Stories & Customer Testimonials

Success Stories


“Right Solution For YOUR Circumstances”


“Buying & Selling Websites is all about finding the right solution for YOUR circumstances, be it buying, selling, or in my case, building for the future. Based on the information in the training course, plus some one-on-one support…, I concluded there was more long term potential and financial gain to be had in growing my site rather than selling right away, even though I had an interested buyer in the 6-figure range.

That’s actually how I got in touch with BASW in the first place. I couldn’t get this potential buyer to go away, so I finally threw out a number, and he said, “OK.” I realized it was time to get serious and figure out what my site was worth and whether or not it would be a good time to sell. I couldn’t be happier with the quality support and training.”

Leanne T – Canada




“Laid Out Step-By-Step”


“This is one of those investments that after the hype and you actually look behind the curtain to see what you really purchased, you say, Awesome!

If you want a solid, proven system that is laid out step by step by someone who is actually doing what he teaches, then this is for you.

Thanks for spilling your guts and not holding back!”

Ron P – USA




“Took My Business To A New Level”


“Excellent Program.

I do site flipping, and I teach it on my Membership Site Build An eBay Affiliate Store In 30 Minutes Or Less, so I guess I’m one of the EVIL hordes that actually flip sites for a living.

This course took my business to a NEW level. I’m thinking way outside the box.”

Azsno – USA




“Worth Thousands”


“This course is really worth thousands, and for those who know me, I don’t use those words unless the stuff is really, really that good.

Even if its good, I don’t bother to put up my words, but I am blown away with the Member’s Area.

I bet you’ll never want to sell your site on eBay or other common places that have been taught by so called “site flipping gurus.” You’re really leaving money on the table.”

Naveed P – India




“Opened My Eyes”


“I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of this course.

It has opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities I hadn’t dreamed of before.”

Angela A – Australia




“Taking Site Flipping To The Next Level”


“The videos are unlike any other written or video content I’ve ever seen on flipping sites.

I definitely see how it will be possible to build or refurbish a site and sell it for $50K in 6 months or $100K in 12-14 months! This is all about taking site flipping to the next level.

Can’t wait to promote this as an affiliate.”

Dan T – USA




“If You Are Serious…”


“If you are seriously interested in making money from a business model that is based on flipping websites then grab this offer. If you want a business that is going to give you money tomorrow, then walk away NOW.

This is not a course for the “get rich quick without any work” brigade.

This course is not a make quick money scheme, nor is it anything to do with Squidoo or any of the Web 2.0 stuff. This is a long term project in IM terms (think at least 6 months preferably 12) but instead of killing yourself building small, crappy sites that nobody wants, you learn how to build or buy and renovate a real business and then sell it for a huge profit.

If I were to rate this course, it would easily achieve 9.5 out of 10.”

Rach – United Kingdom




“The Most Comprehensive Course I Have Ever Purchased”


“I have bought a lot of crap on the net. So called training videos and programs that were not worth the bandwidth they used up. But this was truly the most comprehensive course I have ever purchased.

Every step detailed, every action described. I am excited to see the affiliate program because it is rare when you can promote a product that has such high value.”

Barry – USA




“No Hype, All Content, Nothing Held Back”


“I have to add my agreement here to what others have said.

This course was no hype, all content, nothing held back. I’ve been back over the material multiple times.

I’m certainly thinking on a different scale as a result of taking this class.”

Scott N – USA




“Grinning Like A 5 Year Old”


“This is really exciting. I can’t tell you how much joy this process has brought me. There’s a rare few days each year where I get some unexpected or exciting news; my first Google #1 ranked page, first digital book sale, first hard goods sale, first $100 in a single day online.

Getting those words “Sure, selling my site for that price sounds reasonable to me” delivered in my inbox yesterday was another one of those moments that had me grinning like a 5 year old! Thanks again for your support and great course.”

Mitch B – Canada




“Well Worth The Investment”


“I was fortunate enough to be part of the first course, the pilot course you might say. I assure you it was well worth the investment. I was very experienced in Internet Marketing and retired in 1999.

In early 2008, I decided I would play around again (on a part-time basis as I am retired). My primary reason for joining the course was I figured it would fast track me in regards to getting up to speed.

Needless to say I was extremely impressed with the value of this professionally developed course on buying and selling websites.”

David H – USA




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