Thanks, Your Email Has Been Confirmed! What’s Next…

We want you to know what to expect with us and believe it’s worthwhile for you to take just a minute to read below.

Email & Phone Follow Up

Email – You will receive emails from us from time to time. Initially, you’ll get a few more than normal, only because we want you to learn about all the features and benefits of BASW. You can expect one email per day for the first week, but after that the number of emails will drop significantly. We’ll email you only with important updates to the websites for sale and news about the industry of Buying and Selling Websites.

You can unsubscribe at any time by using the email unsubscribe button in the emails you receive. However, if you do unsubscribe you’ll miss out on…

  • Alerts when new websites come up for sale
  • Free training videos posted by David and Chris
  • Updates from our industry on what’s selling and what’s hot
  • and much more…

Phone – We may reach out to you by phone or Skype to discuss potential websites for sale. Our goal is to partner with you and help you find off market deals which match the exact criteria you’re looking for.

Keep an eye out for an email from us. In the mean time, learn more about some of our tools and training.