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The Best Websites To Buy - Buying and Selling Websites

The Best Websites To Buy

A BIG mistake a lot of people make when trying to make money online or start an internet business, is they pick the WRONG market. It’s not their fault, there’s just so much bad advice on picking a topic, it’s easy to get confused. The market is the most important piece of the puzzle!

Think of buying websites like you would buying a franchise or established business. Most of the hard work has already been done, and you can buy the business based off known facts: income, traffic history, monetization strategies, etc. Since the business model has already been established, you can enter from day one with a business that is already making money (the assumption is that you are buying a website that currently is making money).

Most people struggle with knowing which types of websites to buy, so here are some of the best to consider. Remember, this section is about buying and selling websites, not building or monetizing them…more on that in later sections


Business Related

Business related topics are just easier to make money with. The reason is, businesses KNOW THEY HAVE TO SPEND MONEY on things. They know if they need advice, they need to pay someone to get answers (consultants, trainers, etc). They don’t expect people to give them something for nothing.

They are in business as well, and they charge for the things they do for others. They will PAY for the things they need to help their business. Some business related examples could be:

1) Internet Services / Advice (search engine optimization, web hosting, web design, marketing advice, pay per click advertising management, accounting services, etc).

2) Offline Services (office cleaning, business card printing, delivery services, travel booking, sales training, insurance, etc).

3) Physical Products (office supplies, furniture, computers & electronic supplies, etc).

4) Solving Specialized Needs (finding the best suppliers, how to make their business more efficient, help get their emails delivered, hiring the best talent, etc).

5) Increase Profitability (how to do certain things to make more money, advice & tips for increasing the money already being made, how to prevent losing money, etc).

There are hundreds of niche markets within the business topic, many of which you can build a highly profitable web business around.


Health Related

There are a few key things almost all humans want. It just so happens, these key things make up the biggest niche markets as well as the most profitable ones. These are health, wealth and happiness (in no particular order). The wealth part I already covered above, we’ll put that under the business topic. Up next is the health topic.

The reason I like this market is because it is very large. I know some people tell you to stay out of big markets because it’s so competitive. I think that’s bad advice. I’d rather have a small piece of a huge market

than a moderate piece of a tiny market, especially when the huge market is willing to pay money for things while the tiny market wants everything for free. Some health examples can include:

1) Diets (cooking, eating healthy advice, pre made meals, etc).

2) Exercise (lose weight, burn more calories, gain muscle, lose fat, have more energy, be more attractive).

3) General Health (live longer, look younger, reduce chances for illness).


Personal Development

This one is relatively new, but it is rapidly gaining in popularity. I don’t know if people are just now realizing they are messed up, but many people are interested in how to become a better person lately. Here are some profitable personal development niche markets to consider:

1) Motivation (motivational speaker, coaching, mentoring, bootcamp, counseling, etc).

2) Time management – Productivity, organizational skills, overcome procrastination, etc.

3) Spiritual (help people find their purpose in life).

4) Dating (finding a mate, first date tips, how to be more attractive, matchmaking services, cooking lessons for at home dates, etc).


Parenting / Children

Being a parent myself, I want to try to give my son as many good life experiences as possible. Whether it’s a better education, traveling, more toys, better foods, whatever. It’s a weird feeling, but parents just want their kids to have a great life, no matter what the cost (if they can afford it). In other words, kids can make a parent go broke! Not good for parents, great for businesses who are in this niche. Some good niche markets related to parenting and children are:

1) Child Education (learning toys, learning games, activities, computer software, field trip ideas, etc).

2) Parent Education (how to get babies to sleep at night, how to potty train, how to make your kids smarter, how to prepare healthy meals for kids, internet safety, discipline, child care, etc).

3) Gifts (birthday gift ideas, Christmas gift ideas by age range, new baby gifts, most educational gifts for kids, etc).

4) College – As kids get older (how to get into the best schools, student loan assistance, get a higher score on SAT test, how to get into grad school, what type of degree to get, etc)



Pet owners often consider their pets as children. They buy their pets all kinds of toys, specialized food and take them on vacations with them. Anytime someone is this passionate about something, it’s sure to be a good niche market. Here are some popular pet niche markets:

1) Training (obedience training, tricks, behavioral training, videos or books on training tips).

2) Food (organic pet food recipes, special dog treats, etc).

3) Grooming.

4) Boarding (when pet owners travel and can’t take pets with them).

5) Health (helping pets live longer, be sick less often, etc).

These are my favorite niche markets to be involved with. There are many other good topics to build an internet business around, but these are proven time and time again to be profitable due to huge amount of people that belong to each market. You have to go where the people are and where the money is. That’s how you make money online.

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