Why 95% of websites actively for sale are bad investments…

We all love the idea of buying websites don’t we?  You simply find a website for sale on Ebay or Flippa that’s already making money, buy it up, increase the revenue and sell it for a profit...turning $500 into $5,000 in a few short months.

But once you start really looking at what’s for sale on the marketplaces, 95% of the sites are an utter waste of time.

What about the 5% left that appear to be quality sites? Maybe you get into the game and start bidding on them.  What happens?

You end up in a bidding war against other buyers with seemingly bottomless pockets who drive the price sky high…even above what the so-called “gurus” recommend you pay.

So, you get frustrated and go buy an EBook or coaching program that teaches you the latest and greatest techique to build and flip websites for profit.

davidchrisYou get a little way in and realize it’s out of date and those buyers with the deep pockets you just went to battle with have no interest in buying websites without traffic or revenue.

Trust us. We’ve been there. We, Chris Yates and David Gass, are active website buyers and co-creators of some of the most popular training products on buying and flipping websites and we’re well aware of the “gurus” who try to hype “build and flip”.

Unlike building from scratch, buying established websites with traffic and revenue can be the most sure fire way to generate cashflow and ridiculous returns on your money in the shortest time possible.

How do we know? Because we’ve done it. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the following testimonials from people who have worked with us on their website buying business.

United StatesI started putting into action what Chris had suggested and to be honest I have been overwhelmed with how well the system works. I currently have over six deals in the pipeline!
-Peter Best – USA

United StatesIf you want a solid, proven system that is laid out step by step by someone who is actually doing what he teaches, then this is for you.
– Ron P – USA

SpainMy assessment of the Buying And Selling Websites Business Model: Triple A Best Online Business Partnership Model
– Josef David – Spain

United KingdomYou learn how to build or buy and renovate a real business and then sell it for a huge profit.
– Rach – United Kingdom

United StatesTook my business to a NEW level. I’m thinking way outside the box.
– Azsno – USA

IndiaWorth thousands, and for those who know me, I don’t use those words unless the stuff is really, really that good. Even if its good, I don’t bother to put up my words, but I am blown away
– Naveed P – India

AustraliaIt has opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities I hadn’t dreamed of before.
– Angela A – Australia

United StatesI definitely see how it will be possible to build or refurbish a site and sell it for $50K in 6 months or $100K in 12-14 months!
– Dan T – USA

United StatesI’m certainly thinking on a different scale as a result of taking this class.
– Scott N – USA

And how about us? Well, we’ve been quietly testing different strategies for buying and flipping websites for several years. We’ve bought sites for $100 and sites for over $100,000. We’ve learned to spot the sites that are winners and the ones that are losers…but only after we unknowingly bought some losers. More on that in a minute.

We want to assure you that we’re real so here’s a little more undeniable proof we’re qualified in this market.

Find Me On Flippa

Over the last five years buying and selling websites, we’ve come to the conclusion that nearly everyone in the website buying business today is missing three key things and had we known them five years ago we’d be retired today…

I’ll share those with you in just a minute, but first let me share with you how we got here…

How David’s dream business model transformed us into full-time website buyers.

Back in college, David told his girlfriend at the time that his dream was to buy and flip brick and mortar businesses.  She called him crazy so he broke up with her and went off to start a business.

He didn’t quite get to fulfill his dream of flipping businesses at that time but he did ok for himself. He started a company which ended up on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing private companies for three years in a row. He became recognized as an expert on entrepreneurship and small business finacing by Inc, Entrepreneurs, Business Week, Fox News and CNN.

We’ve been featured in…
Featured In

And that’s where we met. We worked together to build his business and I started and grew mine with his help.

We were successful. But something was missing.

You see we became slaves to our employees and clients. There was no “vacation pay”…there was no vacation at all.

It was almost like the more success we had, the less freedom we enjoyed.

So we did something drastic.

We both sold our businesses. We accomplished something less than 1% of entrepreneurs will ever experience. To build a business from scratch and sell it.

Now, we had a new problem. We had money and time, but no income stream. We decided we were going to do things differently this time.

This time we were going to create a business that…

  • Didn’t force us to start from scratch
  • Didn’t require us to manage employees
  • Generated passive income from day one
  • Provided sustainable long term income
  • Allowed us to work where we wanted, when we wanted
  • Freed us to spend time with our wives, children, friends and family
  • Let us start small and scale big

Then David had his ah-ha moment. Why not take the concept of flipping brick and mortar businesses and apply it to websites?

As we dove into the concept of buying established websites, we realized we had actually found something which could hand us an income stream on a silver platter with little risk…or so we thought.

3 Reasons Why Right Now Is The Best Time To Buy Established Websites

When we first started buying websites, we could easily pick up some great sites for less than one year’s worth of revenue on the marketplaces.

Now, it’s tough to find anything of value less than 2-3 years worth of revenue. Why is that? Well, we believe it’s due to three big trends.

Trend #1: Google


Google has all but declared warfare on internet marketers. Do you feel like the more SEO you do, the LESS likely you are to rank? It’s true!

Have you looked at Google results lately? They’re full of major brands. It’s like Google has rigged the SEO game to benefit huge websites like Amazon and Wikipedia while killing off the little guys.

In fact, the websites who benefited are the ones that were created and built from scratch slowly over time (almost without thinking about SEO).

The problem? That’s exactly what website buyers are looking for now and they are hard to find. So, when one comes up for sale, watch the feeding frenzy ensue.

Trend #2: Flippa

FlippaFlippa has methodically been making it harder and harder for low quality sites to sell for anything more than chump change…that’s if they sell at all.

They’ve been slowly ratcheting up their fees and making it harder and harder for sites without traffic or revenue to get any exposure at all.

They’ve also added new policies which prevent you from claiming any revenue at all until your site is at least 2 months old!

What does that mean for website buyers? Legitimate sites are getting more and more exposure and have less and less competition to get right in front of buyer’s eyes.

Trend #3: Hungry Buyers

Hungry SharkWith the proliferation of website flipping “how to” products and the popularity of marketplaces like Flippa, we’ve been seeing a rush of new website buyers to the marketplace.

In addition, business brokers have been selling the idea of buying websites to private equity investors and retirees. These are the guys and gals with the deep pockets who are used to paying huge valuations for offline businesses.

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to understand what’s happening here. You see, the law of supply and demand is heavily at play on Flippa.

More and more hungry buyers are competing for fewer and fewer sites…

Prices have been going up and we believe they will continue to go up for the foreseeable future.

It’s people who are buying now who will reap the benefits of getting in on the ground floor on this sharp rise in valuations (bull market) that’s coming.

Will You Sit On The Sidelines Or Create The Life You Want?

  • Are you afraid of the risk?
  • Think you don’t have the money?
  • Just don’t know enough to buy your first site?

If you don’t buy your first site now, think about what your life will look like one year from now.

Where do you see your online business dreams?

Will you be able to afford the new car you wanted, the trip you wanted to take?

Will you be able to take the time off you wanted to travel or spend with your family?

Think of all the other people who sat on the sidelines too paralyzed by excuses to take action…Where are they now? That’s right…Exactly where they started or worse, constantly asking themselves, what if?

Now, let’s look at what your life looks like one year from today when you do buy your first website

First, the worst case – you learned something from the experience. And if you do this right, you don’t risk more than you can afford, so you really aren’t out anything

And best case scenario – you are able to buy that new car, new home, go on the vacation you wanted and work when you want, where you want, because it doesn’t stop with the first site. It builds from there.

That’s where we all want to be.

In fact, we started out the same way as you… a little afraid to pull the trigger but once we did, it all snowballed from there.

What we did learn is that taking action is the only way to reach the level of success we wanted.

Now, while taking action, we made mistakes and it wasn’t all rosy.

How it feels to lose $85,000 on a website purchase.

After our first deal, we went on a buying frenzy…buying anything that looked like a deal. We put nearly a quarter of a million dollars into buying sites in a matter of months. The returns were amazing…

  • 127% on deal 1
  • 176% on deal 2
  • 84.3%, 267.6%, 134.6%…

In fact, we were averaging 82% in annualized returns on our first deals and life was good.

Amazing Returns

Then it happened.

We spent $100,000 on a website we thought was a real diamond. Well, it turned out to be an overvalued hunk of glass shaped like a diamond.

I’ll spare you the details, but thanks to our email marketing company cutting off our ability to email our list of over 100,000 and Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithms destroying the traffic to the site…

The site lost about $85,000 in value after about a year of owning it. Ouch! However, that’s not the end of the story with this site (hint…it gets better).

The problem was, we bought sites like most people when we got started – with little due diligence.

As we gained more experience, we learned later that due diligence was key to making money long term.

Before, we thought we made money once we sold a site, now we have a new saying…

We make money when we buy…

and that’s based on our due diligence, the more effective your due diligence the lower your risk and better your returns get.

KeyKey #1 – Most people who get into buying websites simply don’t understand risk and how to value the risk of buying a site.

At this point, we could have given up or gone down the path of “build from scratch”. Why didn’t we?


Everyone has the same number of minutes in a day, yet one person can generate millions of dollars per year for an income, while others struggle to make enough to pay their bills, why?

The person earning millions understand the concept of LEVERAGE and they use T.I.M.E.

  • T – Other People’s Time
  • I – Other People’s Intellect
  • M – Other Peoples’ Money
  • E – Other People’s Experience

When you buy a website, you leverage T.I.M.E. When you build from scratch, you’re doing all the work without any LEVERAGE.

That’s okay if you’re happy with making $5-$10/hour (if you’re lucky) and willing to take on the added risk of the site never succeeding, but we aren’t.

If you are happy with that type of compensation, stop reading now and let’s part as friends because what we have to offer isn’t right for you.

The more we learned about due diligence, the more strict we became about our valuations and deals we would do.

The problem was, we were looking to scale and there just weren’t enough deals that scored high enough for us on marketplaces like Flippa.

That’s when we made a discovery…

Big Blue Ocean Of DealsWhile everyone else has been entranced by buying on Flippa, we’ve quietly been looking the other way and what we’re seeing might amaze you…an unending Big Blue Ocean of Deals.

It’s a place where there are more deals than we could hope to do in a lifetime.

KeyKey #2 – Most website buyers are limiting themselves by focusing on where everyone else is looking…the website for sale marketplaces.

Then, we had the opposite problem. We had too many potential deals.

So, we spent months building a proprietary deal finding system to comb through the niches we were interested in buying sites in.

We’d punch in a few criteria and the system would pump out the exact type of websites we were interested in going after…like magic.

We had the beginnings of a scalable “Formula” for buying websites.

But our problem website (you know the one we lost $85,000 in value on) was still nagging at us. Rather than selling the site and eating the loss, we decided to focus on recovery efforts.

To make our “Formula” really work, we needed to to be able to transform undervalued websites into top performers.

So, we did one thing that changed the way we approach buying websites.

KeyKey #3 – Most website buyers don’t have a scalable, repeatable System or Formula for success.

We laser focused on the niche the site was in and realized there were only one or two ways to make money in the niche…and we weren’t doing them.

We realized we were flying blind the whole time. If you don’t understand how to make money in a niche, the odds will always be against you when you buy a site in it.

And once you understand a niche, spotting the diamonds in the rough (buying opportunities) is like child’s play.

We took another look at our problem website and realized it really was a diamond in the rough and now we had a plan to transform it.

It was simple…change the monetization and drive traffic.

Now, our “Formula” is complete and it’s still what we’re using today. In fact, here it is in its simplest form…

The Formula Business Model

We’ve been spending years tweaking the Formula and creating process mind maps, due diligence systems, checklists, training videos for outsourced staff, and documenting the whole process.

We’ve been methodically building up a network of people including investors, buyers, and sellers to support us in scaling up our formula. In fact, we even organized a live event at the Wynn in Las Vegas called the Internet Investment Summit and we’re planning another in the fall.

It’s as though we’ve been consistently turning a flywheel that’s been gaining so much momentum it is now becoming impossible to stop.

Now, the question is…are you ready to jump on?

People always tell us we have to promise outrageous profits and sell information to get people involved in buying websites.

I mean, that’s what everyone else does right? If we did what everyone else does, we’d still be wasting our time sifting through junk deals on Flippa and we’d never have discovered the Big Blue Ocean of deals.

Blue Ocean DealsIntroducing the Exclusive BuyingAndSellingWebsites.com
Titanium Group Membership

Instead, we’re going to do what no one else is willing or able to do. We’re going to hand you “Big Blue Ocean” deals on a silver platter.

Each month here’s what you’ll get…

  • You’ll get access to the hand-picked markets we’re excited about right now.
  • You’ll get the deals from our proprietary deal finding system to find the best and safest deals in that market.
  • We’ll even do live web events where you’ll get to watch over our shoulder as we analyze and value deals.
  • You’ll be able to claim exclusive access to any deal so it’s yours to work.

All you’ll need to do is pull the trigger and buy one.

I bet you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true right? So, what’s the catch?

Just one. In order for us to make this affordable for you, you are going to be part of a group of buyers which will all be seeing these same deals.

We’ll of course make sure there are enough deals for everyone but in order to prevent too much competition for the deals, we’re limiting the size to only 27 23 people and allowing people to claim deals exclusively for themselves on a first-come-first-served basis.

And remember, in the Big Blue Ocean there are enough deals for everyone.

Why would we open up our proprietary deal finding system and Formula for 27 23 people when we could simply hunker down and keep making consistent returns buying websites?

For 3 reasons…

  1. We don’t believe in scarcity. There are way more deals in the big blue ocean than we could ever do even with unlimited funding.
  2. We’re building our network. We have a saying…your network = your net worth. We want action takers like you in our network so we can all support and learn from one another. We believe in giving back and if you are going to get involved in buying websites, we don’t want you to make the same mistakes we made.
  3. We have too many deals. It pains us every time we come across a potential deal that’s simply too small for us to pull the trigger on. We don’t want those to go to waste so why not find others like you who can take advantage of them?

How much would something like this be worth to you?

If you wanted us to utilize our internal systems to find and analyze deals specifically for you in markets you choose, we’d be happy to do it.

It’s simply going to cost you $1,000 a month and carry a 6-12 month agreement. We know that’s not in most new website buyer’s budgets.

By spreading the cost amongst a group of 27 23 buyers, we’re able to reduce the cost to you to under a hundred dollars a month.

How We’re Turning a $15,000 Diamond In The Rough Into a $250,000 Real Diamond

Now, before you get started with the Titanium program, do you remember our “problem” website that dropped from being valued at $100,000 to $15,000?

Well, we’re happy to report it’s currently valued over $150,000 and we’re on track to exit at a quarter of a million dollars within the next year.

Is that the kind of results you’d like to have? It all starts with taking action.

You Have 3 Choices

Choice #1: Do nothing and stay exactly where you are now.

Choice #2: Do it yourself by yourself and make our same mistakes.

Choice #3: Become a member of the Titanium group and partner with us to achieve success.

Are you  ready to start building the level of income you desire and live the online business lifestyle? If so, the choice is clear. And we’re even willing to take on the risk.

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with your membership let us know by email and we’ll happily refund your last payment and cancel your membership no questions asked.

Very Special Bonuses

BonusWe understand there is a lot to learn with buying websites and we promised to help you be successful so we’re going to include the following exclusive bonuses

  • $77 + $17/Month Value – Platinum membership to the “Formula” Templates, Checklists, Training Videos, and Support Forum
  • $97 Value – The original Killer Flipping Secrets EBook
  • $25/Month Value – Premium Access to The Exclusive Marketplace Deal Finder and Deal Analysis Tools Powered By FlipFilter.com
  • $15/Month Value – 30 Premium SEMRush Reports Per Day
  • $15/Month Value – 30 Premium Estibot Reports Per Day
  • $1,000+ Value – 50% Off The Next Live Internet Investment Summit

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