Here’s the truth:
Finding undervalued and legitimate websites
to buy and sell is hard work and takes time.

Many people dream of getting into the
website buying and selling or flipping business
but never take the first step or
get frustrated after just a couple hours of work…

Which is why we have taken the last few months to put together a solution… 

Something that won’t require any time, effort or hard work on your part…

Sound too good to be true?

What’s the catch?


The solution will require a little upfront money – but what’s your time and effort worth in trying to get started in this business?

You can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars for information and spend countless hours just looking for a website to buy, not to mention what to do with the site after you buy it.


Here are the top two reasons people tell us why they
haven’t started flipping websites:

#1 – I Don’t Know Where to Find Quality Websites and I Don’t Have the Time to Find Them

  • “It takes too much time to find websites”
  • “I don’t know where to look to buy undervalued websites”
  • “There are too many crap websites to look through to find the good ones”

#2 – I Don’t Want to Get Scammed or Lose Money

  • “How do I know the seller isn’t a fraud”
  • “How can I verify everything the seller is claiming is true”
  • “Where do I go to find out if the seller is telling the truth”

 Does that sound familiar?


Tired of wasting time trying to
find websites that have revenue and income?

Here’s the solution:

How about getting a website delivered to you on a silver platter

A website that has proven traffic verified by experts…

A website with verified revenue…

All the due diligence done for you…

No need to waste time looking through listings…



We’ve just made the impossible for many – possible

We’ve taken the hard work out…
of buying a website that’s got traffic and revenue.


Here’s an example of one site that was flipped.

The site was related to helping people sell ebooks.  The owners knew nothing about the type of site, but that didn’t matter.  They bought the site for $6,000 and the owners held the site for 8 months and sold it for $7,500, while earning an additional $4,000 while they held it from the revenue the site earned.  Their profit was $5,500, or a 121% return on their money.  Not bad huh?


Does that sound like something you’d like to do?

Here’s how we can team together to
make your dream of an online income stream come true…

The program is called the Flipping Elite

Here’s what’s included:

You get a website with traffic and revenue.
The amount of traffic and revenue will determine the price of the program.

You get full access to the premium membership program at
You’ll have hours of training videos, templates for selling sites, and tools that give you ways to find other sites on your own or how to sell the site in the future.  The value of this program is $797.

You’ll get access to David and Chris – the authors of Killer Flipping Secrets, Buying and Selling Websites and this course.
You’ll get their personal emails to ask questions as you build your business.

Plus, David and Chris will put together a specific road map for increasing the traffic and revenue on the site included in your program.
The road map is a simple step-by-step recommendation list of what you can do to the website to add value to increase it’s revenue and price, as well as it’s overall success.

The Price of the Program:

There are three price points based on the revenue and traffic of the site we find for you.

But keep in mind, you aren’t just buying a website, you are buying into the business of flipping websites and learning first hand with two experts who are doing this full time right now.

The goal is to jump start your online
passive income stream.


Program #1

In the first program, you get everything mentioned above plus the website that’s included will be generating a minimum of 900 unique visitors per month in traffic and $900 per year in revenue.  It may be more than that too.

Program #2

In the second program, you get everything mentioned before and the website will have a minimum of 500 unique visitors per month and $200 in annual revenue.

Program #3

In the third program you get everything mentioned earlier and a website with a minimum of 200 unique visitors per month and $12 in annual revenue.

Finally, a program with proven results right away.


Now, one other thing.



Because we have only been able to allocate a small amount of…
our team’s time to find your website and do the due diligence… 

and in order to give you exactly what we’ve promised…

There are only 8 programs available. 


Once all of these are sold, it will be a while
before we put together another round of these sites.


Here’s how to reserve your spot and
get the pricing for each of the three programs…


Fill out the form below with a phone number and one of our specialists will contact you to go through exactly what’s included and the pricing.

We only have the eight programs, so if you want to guarantee
you get one call now and fill out the form later.

Call one of our specialists now at 702-509-0740 or fill out
the form to have us call you.