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Websites for Sale

Websites for Sale – Flippa Infographic

Flippa.com recently posted a new infographic about what’s powering the internet and websites for sale statistics.  The study looked at the various types of websites for sale (Ecommerce, Content Management Systems, Forums and Various other programming languages) to compare which platforms had the highest average price for websites sold.

Websites for Sale

For example, for Content Management Systems (CMS), they looked at all sites sold on Flippa in the last year and got this list of CMS platforms used.

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Pligg
  • Other

WordPress is the overwhelming favorite in this category with 82.9% of the sites sold.

There are some other interesting gems in the data.  The data sample is from November 2011 to October 2012.  In that time Flippa sold $26 million in websites.  Here is a breakdown of some of the websites for sale and which platforms you should consider building a website on or buying a website.

Ecommerce Websites for Sale

The average sales price for ecommerce websites ranged from $345 to $10,274, depending on the platform the site was built on.

Shopify, OpenCart, Yahoo Store, Magento and BigCommerce were the top brands.  Shopify was the winner with 39.8% of the total sales of Ecommerce sites.  It also had the highest average sale of $10,274.

If you are looking to build ecommerce websites or buy an ecommerce site to turnaround and sell it quickly on Flippa or another marketplace, you should consider Shopfiy as the best choice.

CMS Websites for Sale

The average sales price for sites built on a CMS (Content Management System) ranged from $443 to $8,975.

WordPress represented 82.9% of the sales and had an average price per website sold of $2,404.  Drupal had the highest average price of $8,975.  Although that number is deceiving because the quantity of sites sold as wordpress versus drupal is dramatic.

According to a Forbes.com article WordPress now powers one out of every 6 websites on the Internet.  That’s nearly 60 million sites in all and WordPress continues to add 100,000 new websites each day just on their cloud hosted service alone, not to mention the thousands of other sites created on their own domains.

WordPress is king and will continue to be for a long time.  If you want to build sites or flip websites to sell to the largest market of buyers, WordPress is the answer.

Forum Websites for Sale

Forums are another popular type of website for sale on Flippa.  There is one player in this market – vbulletin, who represented 93.8% of total sales of forum websites.  The average price of sites built on vbulletin technology was $11,601.

If you are building or buying a forum, vbulletin is the king in this market.

Custom Built Websites for Sale

Custom built websites, that use program languages like PHP, .net and html, sold for prices ranging from $5,018 to $17,300.  The sites with the highest average price per sale were websites built with .net technology.  They attracted an average sales price of $17,300.

Based on this information, if you are looking to sell websites you’d think you would want to sell websites that get the highest price.  In this instance it would be websites built with .net technology.

But is that really the case?

Although the average price for a .net website may be 8 x that of a wordpress site, I wouldn’t ignore the opportunity with building WordPress sites.

The key with selling anything is having a quality product that fills the need of a market.

In speaking with a lot of buyers in our network, many of them are relatively new to building, buying and selling websites.  They don’t want to have to learn a programming language, nor do they want to spend a lot of money outsourcing programmers.

A CMS like WordPress fits the bill quite nicely for this group.  In addition, WordPress sites represented 82.9% of the total CMS sites sold and once again they represent 1 in every 6 websites online.

If you plan on buying and selling websites in any kind of quantity, then WordPress sites are the number platform for doing so.

Inforgraphic from Flippa.com

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